• Just Giving

I have set up two Just Giving pages so that anyone who wishes to support my two charities can do so, and manage Gift Aid if they wish.

I have chosen Refugee Action because I shall be walking south through Europe with all my privileges, and the knowledge I have a home to return to, at a time when so many are desperately trying to get north to escape the horrors of war, persecution and starvation.

I have chosen Shelter because being a pilgrim on a route which is not well known (at least in France and Switzerland) gives me a small insight into the plight of those who do not know where they will spend the night. But it is only a glimpse because, well, I have a credit card and can use it.

The two pages are:
www.justgiving.com/Mary-Kirk2 (Refugee Action)
www.justgiving.com/Mary-Kirk3 (Shelter)


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