A badge, and a rush of donations

The CPR logo - hand embroidered
The CPR logo – hand embroidered

I display here with pride my pilgrim badge, my elder daughter’s pre-departure gift. The Confraternity of Pilgrims to Rome (CPR) recently designed its logo, but so far they have not produced any badges or stickers. So Olivia (painstakingly, she tells me) embroidered one for my rucksack, large enough to be visible on the road, and which clearly identifies me as a pilgrim. I am thrilled with it. I posted a photo of it on the Via Francigena group Facebook page, and it received 39 ‘likes’.

Secondly, it is now less than two weeks before I set off from Canterbury. Last week a kind friend made the first donation to my Just Giving page in aid of Shelter. This was ‘shared’ on Facebook, and a rush of generosity followed, both to Shelter and to Refugee Action.

A huge thank you to those who have already donated, anonymously or otherwise. I’m sure some of my readers are waiting to see if I actually make it to Rome (or even to the starting post) before supporting these charities. But if you’d like to donate, click on the Just Giving page (in the sidebar to the left, though if you’re looking on a tablet turn it landscape).

There is much to do in the next few days. Enough of these pre-departure posts: the next one will be from…who knows where?