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Still plodding on – next post from Besançon

imageMy last post, from Châlons en Champagne, was nine days ago now. It elicited messages of kindness, sympathy, and encouragement from all over the world: from my family and friends, fellow pilgrims, and the wonderfully supportive community which is the Facebook Via Francigena group. From my own parish – only one…

Because I try to stay in pilgrim accommodation where possible I don’t have the luxury of wifi, and although I have mobile data on this iPad connectivity in this deeply rural part of France is aleatory. So I haven’t been able to post.

But for those who are concerned, I am not lying dead – or even drunk – in a ditch, and my knee is better than it was.

On the physio' s couch (TMI?)
On the physio’ s couch (TMI?)

I should be in Besançon on Tuesday (May 31), where I’ll take a day off, and post about my journey from Châlons.

To those who prayed, encouraged and helped, many thanks. I have ceased visualising taking the Alps in my stride, and triumphantly entering Rome; I am just concentrating on getting to the end of each day.image

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6 thoughts on “Still plodding on – next post from Besançon

  1. Irrespective of what’s going on inside, don’t knees look odd!
    Glad to hear that you are not dead-drunk and are able to carry on taking one day at a time.

  2. Dear Mary you will walk into Rome triumpthly xx I love your posts and feel I am with you …well ok not the walking bit I felt your pain and despair when you sat and cried over the pain of your knee plus the loneliness and then your joy at the kindness you have received . I am sitting here in bed and guess your in a hostel ,I hope it’s good and they are some nice company. You are always in my heart and prayers .night night .much love Lou xxx hope you get theses messages xxx

  3. Well Mary,
    We were at Bungay Mass this evening and were all urged to pray for you. I guess people in the parish have been far too busy praying for you than trying to figure out the internet ( remember how old the average age is of church attenders! )
    Rest assured your blog is read with great interest and we hope the knee holds out.
    Love Anne and David

  4. That’s how you eat an elephant … in small bites.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen your knee before – and have you noticed that your legs are very similar in colour to the path pictured below them? They even bend the same way.

    So, dear path-legs, keep plodding, have a good rest, and keep us posted when you can.


  5. I love your posts and the photos that you take. You’ll have to print off your blog and the photos when you get home and bind them. I see a coffee table/ gift book with beautiful photos ( your own lovely ones and some professional photographer’s pics too) and bible verses (plenty in there about overcoming adversity): “the pilgrim’s proverb”, or something. Glad you are doing ok xxx

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