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WordPress has done it again

WordPress managed to publish the latest post all by itself, incomplete and without pictures. The full version is visible now (I hope) on the site: Honest guv, it did it all by itself

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2 thoughts on “WordPress has done it again

  1. So pleased the knee is easier-I was concerned you would push on regardless and sustain more serious damage hence my last post. However things appear to be better and the one day at a time approach is good so enjoy your day off
    Love and Light

  2. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes: I don’t want you to hurt yourself further, yet I know how wretched you would feel if the knee stopped you going further.

    I love the notion of jumping on the back of an ox cart and will henceforth consider all motorised transport in France as being just a slightly modified and updated version of the same – I can only hope that you do, too.

    I guess it comes down to what matters more – getting there, or getting there exclusively on foot.

    Prayer I don’t offer, but every gentle, positive thought in my being is beaming your way … and Hamish would join me in that sentiment, if I could only make him understand the difference between a pilgrimage and a long walk.

    Much love, Cx

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